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Prayer for Canonization


Loving God, we thank you for the gift of Blessed Benedict Daswa, a man of deep faith, fearless courage and generous charity. We give you praise for his wonderful example as a devoted family man, educator and faithful catechist.

Led by your Holy Spirit, Blessed Benedict remained faithful to your Gospel of truth and goodness in the face of violent opposition and hatred.  May the example of his generous sacrifice inspire us to grow in appreciation of the sacredness of every human life.

Listen favourably, we pray, to the intercessions of Blessed Benedict on behalf of your faithful people who seek healing, strength and courage.  May his prayers obtain for us the miracles needed for your Church to proclaim him a saint of our time and apostle to our present world.

We make this prayer through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.


With ecclesial approval,28 November 2016

+Joao Noe Rodrigues,Bishop of Tzaneen (South Africa)

Please send all information regarding graces and favours received through the intercession of Blessed Benedict Daswa to:

or write to

the Promoter Sr Claudette at P.O.Box 261 Tzaneen 0850 South Africa

(You may open or save this prayer on this link blessed-benedict-daswa-prayer-for-canonization


We are encouraging people in all the Dioceses of Southern Africa (SACBC region) to pray for the favours and graces they need during the nine days prior to the Feast on 1 February. This novena will commence on 23 January and conclude on 31 January. We also invite people to make three acts of kindness each day of the Novena in remembrance of the three acts of charity which Blessed Benedict performed the day he was martyred.

The Daswa Novena Booklet can be used during these nine days, and is available for downloading in various languages from the official Benedict Daswa Website: It is also available in booklet form from the Daswa Office in the Diocese of Tzaneen, or from other SACBC Dioceses. Radio Veritas will also broadcast the Novena Prayer during the nine days commencing 23 January. Further details about the celebrations to be held in the Diocese of Tzaneen will be posted on the Benedict Daswa Website. Also available online or through SACBC Dioceses, are the official Prayer to Implore Favours and Prayer for Canonisation.


The NOVENA PRAYER in various languages

The Novena Prayer in various languages for opening or downloading:

English english-novena     

Afrikaans afrikaans_combined

French french-novena

Portuguese portuguese-novena

South Sotho s-sotho-novena

North Sotho sepedi-novena

XiTsonga tsonga-novena

TshiVenda venda-novena


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