New Developments

On Wednesday 3 April 2013 our Roman Postulator for the cause,Fr Jean-Jules Chassem MSC, handed in copies of the Positio – book to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The Positio – book will be studied first by the group of theologian consultors. We expect this study to be completed by the end of next year 2014, God willing. If majority pass it, it goes to the prelates of the Congregation.If the prelates of the Congregation approve, the Prefect of the Congregation publishes the “Decretum Super Martyrio of the Servant of God ” and authorizes that the person be called Venerable.

The Prefect of the Congregation will then present the cause to the pope for the pope to decide on whether the Venerable martyr can be beatified or not.Finally the pope declares beatification at a special Mass in honour of the newly acclaimed “Blessed martyr.”

The process in the Congregation can be quite slow but we have an advantage because a miracle is not required for the beatification of a martyr. As soon as his martyrdom is approved by the Congregation then the door is open for the pope to declare him a martyr for beatification.