Prayer to implore favours through the intercession of Blessed Tshimangadzo Samuel  Benedict Daswa (Bakali)

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O Blessed Trinity, you filled the heart of Blessed Benedict with great love and zeal in building up your kingdom. You chose him and gave him the courage and the strength to stand up for his faith without fear and bear witness unto death.

Loving God, like him, may I always proclaim the truth of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by the witness of my life. Keep me away from alldeeds of darkness. Protect me from evil spirits and all the powers of evil. Make me a true Apostle of Life in my family and in society.

Father, through his intercession, and according to your will, grant me the grace that I ask of you  …….(include your particular intention here).

I draw strength and courage from the life of Blessed Benedict whom we venerate as an intercessor and model of holiness. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


With ecclesiastical approval, 14 April 2015

+Joao Noe Rodrigues, Bishop of Tzaneen

(South Africa)

Please send all information regarding graces and favours received through the intercession of Blessed Tshimangadzo Samuel Benedict Daswa to:

Diocese of Tzaneen, Cause of Benedict Daswa,

P.O.Box 261, Tzaneen 0850, RSA.




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