The Preparations of the Beatification

30 – Day Preparation – Sayings of Blessed Benedict

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Held at Tshitanini – 13th September 2015

View from the back of Podium towards top of property where Daswa Shrine to be built. Seated bottom left corner of photo Bishop Joao Noe Rodrigues, Bishop of Tzaneen.

When the Diocese of Tzaneen was informed by the Sacred Congregation in Rome that Tshimangadzo Samuel Benedict Daswa was to be Beatified on Sunday 13 September 2015 by a representative of the Pope, His Eminence Angelo Cardinal Amato, the committee responsible for the Beatification Ceremony decided that the best place for this would be the very site at Tshitanini which the diocese intends to make the place of Pilgrimage.

Though there were absolutely no facilities at all on the property to cope with the expected crowds, the diocese realised that these would have to be provided at some considerable cost. It was nevertheless decided that by using the property for the beatification, an indelible stamp of the place of the future Shrine to Blessed Benedict Daswa, would be deeply imprinted on the minds of the people. The attraction of the beautiful setting of the site would make people want to return in Pilgrimage to venerate Blessed Benedict Daswa. From reports received since the Beatification Ceremony it seems clear that many people will be returning to Tshitanini.

Looking towards the Altar and the Podium

The facilities required for the Beatification Ceremony were put in place through the hard work of the local committee with some professional assistance. A large part of the tenting, all the ablution facilities, catering requirements and other necessities were hired from local suppliers in the area. Local vendors also provided food and other supplies for the ordinary people in an array of stalls along the roadside of the boundary fence.

The Government of South Africa, the Province of Limpopo and the Thulamela Local Municipality were generous in their assistance with improving the gravel road to the site, clearing areas for parking, providing emergency services, traffic police to control vehicles, safety officers and the presence of the South African Police Service.