Development of Shrine and Pilgrimage Centre

Plans for Stage One of Project

To download the Centre Buildings appeal document, please click here.

Blessed Benedict Daswa Pilgrimage Centre

 “Centre Buildings” 

In order to establish a presence on the Tshitanini site, the first buildings to be erected on the property will be the “Centre Buildings”. These will provide an office to handle all Pilgrim matters, with facilities to enable the Pilgrimage Site to function properly. As part of this building program, limited accommodation for resident staff will be provided.

The Centre buildings will be suitably located close to the entrance of the site, in order to provide for the following:

  • An office with an adjacent reception room used to welcome pilgrims and provide for registration;
  • A “museum” room where people can focus on the life, example and work of Blessed Benedict through displays of artifacts, photos, video features and various memorabilia. These items will also be for sale. A limited supply of refreshments will also be made available;

  • A meeting or Seminar facility for 50 people is planned. This room will adjoin the “museum” room with a movable partition between them to allow for larger numbers on occasion. This Meeting or Seminar room will have two side walls that can be opened up. Together with the museum room, it will in fact, be the temporary “Church” that will serve the Centre until the Church and Shrine on the hillside are finally built. When there are larger groups for Mass and other religious functions, the adjacent area, which will be paved or grassed, can also be used.


  • A small residence with two bedrooms and appropriate living areas will be included to allow for one or two priests to be permanently resident on site.

  • Toilet facilities suitable for a building of this size will be provided.

The Entrance walling, gates, roadway, kerbing and paved parking areas should ideally be constructed at the same time as these Centre Buildings.