The Benedictine Influence on Blessed Benedict Daswa

Even though he lived fifteen hundred years ago, St. Benedict still reaches across the centuries to touch the hearts of people in the modern world. When the young teenager, Tshimangadzo Samuel Daswa was preparing to join the Catholic church, he learned about St. Benedict from his catechist, who also had the name Benedict – Benedict Risimati. He was immediately attracted to this great saint. He showed his admiration for him by taking Benedict as his new Christian name when he was baptized in 1963.

St Benedict with the motto Ora et Labora

He also adopted as his own the motto of St. Benedict “Ora et Labora”, which means “Pray and Work”.  He was greatly inspired by these words and grew into a young man with a deep prayer life.  This strong, living relationship with the Lord was the secret of his loving, conscientious attitude towards his work and the other activities of his daily life.