Church Saints

The church honours in a special way some of the really outstanding saints and martyrs of all ages and of many different nations, so that they can inspire us and pray for us. These are our heroes of the faith, whom we call church saints or canonized saints. The church has officially recognized them as people who led exceptionally lives, or ones who died as martyrs for the faith. She holds them up to us as our true role models on earth, and our intercessors in heaven and celebrates their feasts every year.

These celebrations of the saints do not in any way interfere with or take away from, our worship of the Lord every Sunday, as well as the very big celebrations of the Lord throughout the year such as, Christmas, the Coming of the Wise Men, the Baptism of the Lord, Easter, the Ascension and Pentecost.  In honouring the saints, we are honouring Christ himself. We unite ourselves with the saints in giving glory to God for what he has done through his saints. These celebrations in honour of the saints have always been important in strengthening the faith of believers. A quick overview of outstanding saints down the ages will help people become more familiar with the holiness of life, which the church puts before all her members.