Progress of the Cause

In 2011 the Diocese established a Promotions Desk at the Chancery in Tzaneen under the direction of Sister Claudette Hiosan fdnsc as Diocesan Promoter. In the latter part of 2012 six men who had known the Servant of God very well and had worked closely with him, visited all the Parishes in the Diocese to share their memories of him. A Youth Group from one of the parishes produced and staged a drama on Benedict’s life and death which was presented during the Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage and All-Night Vigil at Ave Maria Pastoral Centre in August of that year. The drama was later staged in other areas of the diocese, and has been a source of inspiration to many people. The diocese plans to produce a DVD of the play making it available to a wider audience.

There is growing interest in the Servant of God in South Africa. Reporters from two widely-read South African Sunday Newspapers, Sunday Times and Rapport, after visiting the village and interviewing people who knew Benedict, carried feature articles on him. In June 2012 three Associated Press reporters and photographers visited the area and released articles for use by International media organizations. The Southern Cross Catholic Weekly Newspaper has featured a number of articles on the Servant of God over the years. Radio Veritas, an enthusiastic promoter of the cause, has interviewed the Bishop of the Diocese and the Promoter on many occasions. A BBC World Service Producer has also contacted the diocese with a view to producing a documentary on Benedict to be broadcast worldwide. Not only in South Africa, but in other countries of Africa and in every continent throughout the world, prayer cards, leaflets, Novena booklets and the DVD on the Servant of God have been sent.