Martyrs in Mission Countries

Christians have experienced persecution throughout history but it has been particularly severe in recent centuries. This has led the church to honour as saints not only individual martyrs, but also large groups of martyrs from different countries: St. Paul Miki and 22 companions from Japan; St. Augustine Zhao Rong and 119 companions from China; St. Charles Lwanga and 21 companions from Uganda; St. Andrew Kim Tae-Gon and 102 companions from Korea, as well as St. Andrew Dung-Lac and 116 companions from Vietnam and finally St. Christopher Magallanes and 24 companions from Mexico.

All the anonymous ordinary saints and martyrs are remembered on the 1st November, the Feast of All Saints. On 2nd November, the Feast of the Holy Souls, the Church prays in a special way for all who have departed from this life and are still being purified in purgatory before entering heaven. The churches of Africa celebrate the Feast of all the Saints of Africa on 6 November. On 29 September the church celebrates the feast of the three archangels, St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael. Just a few days later on 2nd October she celebrates the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels.